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We are responsible to ensure that cooking oil are readily available for retail market for domestic consumptions.

Company Profile

ROSHAN JAAN SDN BHD began its operations in 1989 at Bandar Jengka, Pahang, Malaysia. Since then the company continue to grow its capacity in repackaging and distributing of cooking oil.

ROSHAN JAAN SDN BHD continue to develop the products to meet the growing domestic demand.  The current production of cooking oil are in 1 kg plastic, 2 kg and 5 kg bottles. In the beginning, Roshan cooking oil were only known to suburban population in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. As part of the main consumption in Malaysia, Roshan Jaan Sdn Bhd is responsible to produce sufficient subsidy and non-subsidy cooking oil. Currently, our products extend to bigger towns in the neighbouring state and the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

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What We Do

We are responsible to ensure that cooking oil are readily available for retail market for domestic consumptions. As part of the main consumption in Malaysia, ROSHAN JAAN SDN BHD is responsible to produce sufficient subsidy and non-subsidy cooking oil. Latest technology is used in our factory combines with strong logistic capacity to meet our customers demands.


Categorize under the Small and Medium Industry (SME) ROSHAN JAAN SDN BHD together with SME Bank and SME CORP consistently developing the company production capacity, management and marketing skills . From its beginnings in 1989, Roshan Jaan Sdn Bhd has grow steadily and today our products are widely consumed locally. Our strategic locations at Bandar Jengka allow for timely production and distribution to our customers. Daily operations at Roshan Jaan Sdn Bhd are running at high level of efficiency as we handle our own logistic and distributions. This allows us to manage our productions in more efficient way.

Products & Quality

Roshan cooking oil brands are made from the superior quality of Refined Bleach Deodorized (RBD) Palm Olein. Our products are fully comply with various food safety standard such as with Guidelines Food Safety is the Responsibility of the Industry (MESTI) and HALAL food standard issued by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). Roshan Cooking Oil is the 1st choice for consumers who demand quality as it is sourced from 100% high grade pure palm olein, rich in Vitamin E with no cholesterol.

Capacity & Technology

The company invested in technologies for better efficiency and to achieve the highest quality products for the consumers. Fully automatic machinery and high quality material are used for our products. The latest technology increase our productivity and ensure smooth production process. All safety standards and compliance required are followed at all times. Being in the food industry, we do not compromise on any food safety regulations imposed by the authority.

Management Team




Wide experience in the marketing strategy and operations of the business. Ensure continuous effort and progress is made for the company to grow.



Founder of Roshan Jaan Sdn Bhd. Wide experience in palm oil industry. Former engineer in the military (ATM) 1975 – 1985.




EN RAFSAN BIN SAADUN – Operations & Human Resource

Responsible in day to day operations to ensure timely delivery and quality assurance of the products. Also, ensuring the marketing strategies implemented effectively. He ensures staffs are well trained, discipline and perform as required. Handling all issues with human resource such as recruitment, training and development.



EN MOHAMAD FAIRUZ BIN SAADUN – Strategic Planning & Finance

Responsible to identify the company direction, maximise its potential, ensure healthy cash flow management and capacity building. Also, responsible to determine the sales target on yearly basis and develop the strategy to achieve those sales target.

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