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Categorised under the Small and Medium Industry (SME), ROSHAN JAAN SDN BHD together with SME Bank and SME CORP consistently developing the company production capacity, management and marketing skills. From its beginnings in 1989, ROSHAN JAAN SDN BHD has grow steadily and today our products are widely consumed locally.

High Grade Olein

Our cooking oil are made from the highest quality of Refined Bleached Deoderised (RBD) Palm Olein.

Vitamin E Source

All our cooking oil products are naturally rich in Vitamin E and guaranteed rated at zero percent (0%) cholesterol.

Quality Products

Our products are fully comply with various food safety standard and regulations such as from MESTI and Jakim (Halal).

Efficient Machinery

Fully automatic machinery and high quality materials that are used for our products increasing production.

Rich Experience

We have been producing and operating in the cooking oil industry for almost 30 years and are still growing.

Growing Demand

Our reach has extended to bigger towns in neighbouring states of Pahang and the capital city of Malaysia.

Our Products

Roshan cooking oil brands are made from the superior quality of Refined Bleach Deodorized (RBD) Palm Olein. Our products are fully comply with various food safety standard such as with Guidelines for Safe Food Certification for Industry Responsibility (MESTI) and HALAL food standard issued by Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Tonnes of oil packed per month


years of experiences


Organization Members


The current production of our cooking oils are in 1 kg plastic, 2 kg and 5 kg bottles.


Roshan cooking oil gives our consumers total satisfaction with great tasting dishes.


Our oil is 0% cholesterol and contains high in Vitamin E suitable for everyday cooking.

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